Your home is your castle and you want to be sure things are done right there. But over time homes wear and require upgrades and fixes that can be expensive and time consuming. But you want to be proud of your place whether to rent it or own it.

So whether you are looking for a pool company to come and build you a pool or simply have some siding put on your house or maybe even get rid of a mold issue, this is the place you want to start.

Here at the Louisiana Heritage Connection you will find a ton of info about all types of projects and contractors. But first a little something about the site.

Why the name Louisiana? We don’t know either it just sounded good. And Heritage is a nice professional sounding word used in lots of websites. It was going to be Collection but we misspelled Collection and wound up with Connection. Or maybe it was somebody else’s fault. No one is sure. Anyway that is a little history about the site, so without further ado lets look at why we are here.

We presume you wouldn’t be looking here for contractor suggestions unless you own a modest home like one pictured above. With all homes, eventually stuff wears out and you need to hire contractors to deal with it, or fix the problems yourself. Some projects are more prone to the DIY mentality than others.

The following pages will detail out a few types of work and the pros and cons of doing it yourself. We hope you will get a lot of valuable info from here and wind up happy with the results. So lets get on with it!