Tree Trimming or Removal

If you are having tree issues, we can offer up some suggestions. Over the years we have received a lot of requests for information about trees being too close to the house or overhanging the roof. Both of these situations can be problematic.

If the tree, or more likely the branches, are too close to the house, the branches will inevitably start touching the sides of the house or the roof. This will lead to damaged siding or shingles that can be very expensive to repair. But this doesn’t happen over night. The thing to do is watch over time and get them dealt with before they become a problem.

It turns out branch trimming is not very expensive and can be done in an afternoon in most cases. You should stay on top of this if you want to insure the lowest cost and timely fix available.

There are certain techniques tree trimmers use. You can learn about some of those techniques at this tree care tips site. Another site with a lot of information is from this company that does tree removal. Lastly there is a great article on doing some branch trimming yourself from this national tree removal company. There are tree trimmers is just about every city in the country so you should be able to find a reputable one near you. Most have on-line reviews you should check out, though tree removal is a much more complicated and expensive task than trimming, so your risks are much smaller.