For those looking to do some traveling, there are some sites where you can get great ideas on really cool places to go. If you want to go exotic, a site where you can explore not only a lot of different places but the food and accommodations as well is this travel site. Another is this site on Ottawa.

For travel tips, great sites include this one and this one also. These sites are loaded with wonderful ideas. One is from a blog by Scott and Christy, a couple who has traveled the world together and made notes along the way on all the do’s and don’ts on international travel.

Of course now it is much more difficult to travel given the pandemic, but it is a good time to do some research to determine where you might want to go when the nightmare is over. We are big South Pacific fans, but there are a near infinite number of options. Africa for those more prone to rugged outdoor adventures in the wild. Europe for incredible history, great food, and beautiful castles. Australia for gorgeous scenery and great lively cities with lots of culture. The USA for a huge variety of history and culture with bustling cities and rolling countrysides.