House Cleaning

There is a lot to write on this topic. There are a ton of interesting tips and tricks to cleaning. It seems the split between folks who hire it out and folks who do it themselves is about 50/50. The onset of Covid has created more do-it-yourselfers due to the fact that so many people are home all the time now and can’t justify paying someone to be in their house cleaning while they are also in the house and could be doing it themselves. This is understandable.

Before getting into cleaning services, it seems a few cleaning tips are in order. They are presented in no particular order.

First, cleaning is really decent exercise. You can burn a few hundred calories cleaning a medium size house.

The kitchen sink is a reservoir of germs, and needs to be washed out thoroughly, not just rinsed.

You can toss your shower curtain in the washing machine rather than trying to scrub it.

Dust is made up mostly of dead skin cells.

The best way to clean a sponge is to wet it and put it in the microwave for a couple minutes. Be sure it is wet, and all the germs will be killed on it.

Germs can live a long time on moist surfaces, sometimes up to 3 days.

If you use antibacterial cleaners, you should leave them on surfaces for at least a minute before wiping. This gives them time to really kill all the germs.

You can clean toys in the dishwasher. Many types of toys can simply be placed in the dishwasher and thoroughly cleaned with no effort at all.

Dirty ductwork can cause all kinds of sickness and allergies. See our page on mold for more details on this.

As far as cleaning services go, most towns have quite a few. The choice can be difficult. It is not uncommon for a homeowner to go through a few of them before settling on one. You should look at reviews before selecting a service, though the reviews can be faked and are not always believable. A friend who owns a cleaning service tells me good services have a checklist and every employee is highly trained to be sure to make sure every single thing on the list gets done. There are often dozens of things that need to be accounted for, and it is far too easy to miss things. His service sends someone around the premises with the sheet to check off everything at the end of each job. This seems like a really smart practice.

For an excellent cleaning checklist, check out this site.